• InterNations Wellington Monthly Event January '21

    InterNations Wellington Monthly Event January '21

  • Summary

    Here are some summary boxes about me. More details on them further below... 🙂

    Software & Web Development, MIS, Telecommunications, Blockchain, AI


    Product Management, Lean Startups, Marketing Management


    Gaze Controlled Interaction, Usability, Mindful Innovation

    Human-Computer Interaction

    Automated Conversational Interactions, Messenger Marketing, Brand Strategy

    Digital Marketing

    School Visits, Global Citizens, InterNations, The Citizens Foundation, CiteMe, TED-Style Talks, TEDxMount Victoria


    Photography, Astronomy, Squash, Chess, Table Tennis, Strategy Games, Star Trek

    Hobbies & Interests

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    I like to have fun with long exposures and close up portraits. I prefer showing the pics in a more personal way 💁, so let me know if you want a tour of the 📸 gallery. But in case you just want to have a cursory look, you may check out the Flickr Albums  yourself too.

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    I've been conceptualising a decentralised tech platform (ChariD, pronounced charidee) for incentivising social good. Check out the whitepaper and more details on the website.

  • Talks, Guest Lectures, etc.

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    Online talk at UX Wellington in 2020

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    User Experience Design at Booktrack

    Guest lecture at University of Auckland in 2016

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    Overview of Gaze Tracking for Usability, Market Research and User Interaction

    Guest lecture at University of Auckland in 2013

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    Few more links to do with me

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    This turned out to be a travelling-while-at-home experience for me, during a difficult time. It's just something that I'm kinda happy and proud of.

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    Feel free to drop me a question or feedback